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Database Project Plans

You will get a working database with all the objects, relations

We have got more than 30+ years of database design, development, and maintenance. We provide you with database suggestions or work that is not just based on best practices but has been curated from our experience with similar projects that of yours. We undertake a deep study of the project and requirement and design a solution that matches perfectly your purpose, thereby ensuring a better database experience for your application and use.
In case you need a dedicated consultant or an advisor who can hand-hold your database journey, we also provide that. We can also work with you for long-term support for your database or for immediate trouble-shoot of some issues in your database. 

Database Type MySQL, MS SQL, MS Access, Oracle, PostgreSQL

What’s Included:

Service TiersStarterStandardAdvanced
Delivery Time15 Days45 Days60 Days
Number of Revisions246

Optional add-ons:

Fast Delivery+ $1,000-$1,500
Additional Revisions$1,000

After you purchase the package:

  1. Approve Project Plan

We send the Client a Project plan to execute the project along with the expected results from it. The client approves of the plan.

  1. Create DB Work and Submit Draft

As defined in the Plan we carry out the required DB Work, and submit a Draft of the work done for Approval from the Client.

  1. Get Client Approval/Revise Draft to Get Approval

Based on the Client’s feedback, we either revise the Draft to Get Further Approval, and this Step may recur till we get the Client’s Approval of the work based on the approved plan. In no case, the scope is expanded to incorporate new changes.

  1. Deliver Final Project

Based on the approval, Final Project is delivered to complete the work according to the approved plan.