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Pre-Execution Consultancy

You have a fresh idea or want to computerize a manual process or improve on an existing process, but are struck on how to go forward with it. We have an experienced consultancy team who can compile technical specifications in a clear, concise, unambiguous manner to explain the advantages and disadvantages of options leading to the final solution and can create alternative solutions as backup planning. Our experts have an excellent track record of exceptional performance regarding a combination of technical, service, and/or business abilities.  Our experts will help you create your Request for Quotation/Proposal document. They can help you select a quotation/proposal , and help you fix quality and timeline parameters to judge the final output, which can help you to prepare an excellent Work order.

The consultancy will help you with a strong footing to start with, and as you know “A good start is half the battle”.

Delivery Consultancy

You have already chosen a partner to execute your dream project, but you don’t have any Technical or Delivery expertise at your side to monitor the project execution. We have your back covered! We have experienced Delivery Managers, who can take care of the whole execution and make sure you get the right product at the right price and at the right time. Our team ensures that the quality of the software and the product you receive conforms to the requirement that you agreed on during the finalization of the project.

The consultancy ensures that you will get the delivery that you have asked for, and the product you receive is of the best quality.


Database Consultant

Database services are good to have, but at times you need someone to work dedicatedly with you on your project, be it in the role of an expert guide, mentor, co-worker, or even as an assistant to take care of various database needs which come up with setting up or maintaining a database. You may find a lot of people who claim to be experts in the database, but managing a database and helping others with a database query that someone else has written is a tough task to handle.

Knowforth’s database expert with multiple years of experience on the various database of various size and complexity have achieved this unique talent to work with you and understand your database needs and queries and help you achieve the desired database goals. You not only save a lot of time working with them, but these consultants also ensure that your database is in prime condition in years to come.

In a rapidly changing global world, the business pressures that need a robust database having digital transformation, migrations, cloud integration, security, and performance. They all throw up their unique demanding situations and need for a provider, who has the credibility and experience to guide you via the alternatives available. Knowforth with its expert database consultants is uniquely positioned to meet these challenges.

Dot Net or React Developer

We build the custom software applications enterprise-grade using Microsoft’s Dot NET technology and with React Framework. We have full-stack developers who help to bring your dream project from the drawing sketch to a beautiful working application. Our developers help you develop all types of applications from a Console application, Windows services, and Web or cloud applications. You can get the application implemented on-premise or in the cloud. The dot net technology that our developers work on is VB .Net, C#, React JS, ASP.Net Application, MVC Application, Dot Net Core Application and Dot Net Service application. Knowforth has a application expert who can support and enhance both your application developed with the old Dot Net version or can also help you write new applications with the latest Dot Net versions or with React JS.

We provide you development consultant who knows your domain or are having experience in a similar domain, that way when you are discussing with our consultant he/she is not blank about what you are talking about and will understand and be able to share his/her experience while working with a similar project, thus enhancing the discussion and adding value to your project work.

Python Developer

From the conceptualization of your app idea to support & upkeep – we provide you with full-stack Python consultants. They being experienced in a similar domain, understand your requirement and engage in a meaningful conversation with you, which not only saves your valuable time in explaining the basic nitty-gritty of the issues but also helps you get valuable inputs from past experience of the consultant on a similar project.

Python consultants can help you create API using technologies like FLASK or DJANGO and can also help you develop console applications or web applications using various Python suites. The consultants are very apt in using various Python Libraries that help you develop packages or applications on multiple domains.

Solution Architect

While organization architects define strategic instructions, solution architects bridge the gap between business necessities and the implementation of tech solutions. Solution architecture belongs to the list of most important practices finished before any tech development begins. Over a couple of years, tech tendencies like cloud migrations and provider-orientated software packages have created many new market opportunities for companies throughout sectors and verticals. With the arena around us evolving swiftly, these marketplace possibilities have arisen to fight the challenges both establishments and individuals face these days.

Knowforth provides a Solution Architect who along with in-depth knowledge about the domain also processes good technical knowledge to help you design a solution that not only withstands the test of competition but also helps to keep your solution remain relevant for a long period of time.

Project Management Consultant

We give professional project management service for IT Projects when it seeks guidance in the arena of Project Initiation, Project Planning, Project Execution, Project Monitoring, and Project Closure.

We offer expert project management offerings to global clients. We deliver value for money by way of offering the best practice to adopt for a particular type of IT Project, and help you plan, execute and monitor the project in the right way to achieve the desired Project goal. Our consultant suggests you way to utilize your valuable resources and deliver tasks to time, cost and of high quality.


Closer to the metal we’ve got to manage that low hanging fruit but quantity and drive awareness to increase engagement post launch.

Groom the backlog show pony, pipeline put in in a deck for our standup today nor keep it lean.

“The project consultancy support, that we received from Knowforth is one of the best we have got so far. The service has now become world-class, as we have desired for our platform.”


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