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Add-ons for App Dev.

Optional Add-ons for Application development Services:

Fast Delivery+ $1,500 to $3,000
Additional Revisions+ $1,000
Additional Page (+2 Days)+ $150
Design Customization (+7 Days)+ $3,000
Content Upload (+7 Days)+ $3,000
Source Code (+5 Days)+ $5,000

After You Purchase the package:

  1. Provide detailed requirements:
    Provide detailed requirements for the project. Include document, report formats, page design/prototype, sample dataset, or whatever else that may help to supplement your requirement and help our team to understand the requirement better.
  2. Answer any Follow-up questions

Answer as details and as precise as you can for all the questions that our team has. Add examples if you may to explain your points.

  1. Agree on the Scope of work

Our team will provide a scope of work. This may be done after multiple deliberations with you. Once that is finalized, there will be no change on it and the work will be done and accepted based on it.

  1. Work Start and provide continuous work update

Our Team will start the project and will provide you with work status updates in the frequency as finalized in the scope of work. Your work acceptance will be sought at each phase or milestone achievement. 

  1. Work Completion and Delivery

We will train your team if needed and your team will do a final UAT and accept the delivery of the work.