Welcome to Knowforth Tech,
Where innovation meets experience, and every digital journey is crafted to perfection. Founded in 2020 by the visionary Mr. Chiranjeeb Sengupta, a seasoned IT Professional with over 30 years of expertise across diverse sectors like Textile, Retail, Construction, and Education, Knowforth Tech has become a beacon of transformative solutions.

Our Origin Story:

As our journey unfolded, Knowforth Tech emerged as a catalyst for business evolution. We've empowered numerous organizations, revolutionizing their processes, curbing unnecessary expenses, and catapulting their productivity to new heights. Our robust team, blending business acumen with technical prowess, stands at the forefront of technology, guiding enterprises not just through daily challenges but propelling them strategically towards their vision with unparalleled ease.

In the course of our odyssey, we welcomed Mr. Brajesh Pathak, a luminary with over 30 years of experience in Agriculture and Marketing, enriching our team with unparalleled insights.

How We Propel Business:

At Knowforth Tech, we don't just work with businesses; we partner with dreams. We engage in meaningful conversations, delving into the essence of their current state and aspirations. Our strategic questioning validates issues, unearths needs, and crystallizes into a project scope. The meticulous process involves our business team delving into requirements, offering a technical solution, and presenting a prototype that foretells the transformation ahead.

Through collaborative design documents and continuous demos, we turn visions into tangible, user-friendly applications. We believe in transparency, keeping our partners informed at every stage. Training, manuals, and comprehensive testing culminate in a seamless deployment, but our journey doesn't end there. We hold hands through the early steps, ensuring businesses not only adapt but thrive in the system for years to come.

Meet the

Chiranjeeb Sengupta

Founder and Managing Director

A dynamic leader, Chiranjeeb is the architect of our company's strategy and innovation. With a profound understanding of business processes and a keen eye for technological advancements, he spearheads digital transformation. His wealth of experience in IT management and comprehensive knowledge of emerging technologies ensures the development and implementation of robust IT solutions. Chiranjeeb is dedicated to optimizing processes, streamlining operations, and enhancing overall efficiency.

Brajesh Nandan Pathak

Marketing Director

A serial entrepreneur, sales, and marketing maestro, agricultural expert, and business modeler, Brajesh brings over 30 years of work experience across India and Southeast Asian countries. His multifaceted expertise enriches our team, contributing to the strategic growth and marketing prowess of Knowforth Tech.

Join us at Knowforth Tech, where every digital step is a leap towards success. Your journey begins here.